Vacuum Pump Self Cleaning Program

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The vacuum pump self-cleaning program, or "conditioning program" ensures that the pump is thoroughly rinsed. During the program the pump and oil reaches operation temperature so that the oil can better absorb any moisture and contaminants and filter them. The high temperature enables any moisture in the pump to evaporate minimizing the risk for rust spots. The program lasts 15 minutes and it is advisable to run it at least once a week.

Vacuum Self-Cleaning Instructions

Turn on the machine, press the key [conditioning program], and close the lid. The program runs automatically. During the program the large display will display moving lines. The program can be interrupted at any time using the [STOP] key. It is however important, for the sake of good maintenance, that the program completes a full 15 minute cycle and therefore advisable only to interrupt the cycle for something urgent. It is also advisable to run the program before using the machine for the first time after the machine has been stationary for a lengthy period of time. It is especially important to run the program prior to changing oil.

Control Panel for Vacuum Packer


Running the program as instructed will ensure a very long useful and efficient life for the BUSCH Vacuum Pump installed on all units offered by



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