Vacuum Packing Vegetables and Fruit


Vacuum Packing Vegetables:   

Vacuum Packed Carrots

Vacuum packing vegetables is a great option to extend the shelf life of product. However, best practice is to blanch, vacuum pack, and then freeze your product. Vacuum packaging product in this manner will lock in the flavor, color and freshness of the vegetables. Vacuum packing fresh vegetables (without prior freezing or blanching) may allow the product to continue to ferment as it is still alive and will produce inferior results.

When packaging more delicate vegetables (herbs, lettuces and other leafy produce) the best option is to use the Gas Flush (MAP) option available on the Boxer and Marlin Series of Vacuum Packers. This form of vacuum packaging introduces a gas mixture into the vacuum bag, which prevents the vacuum bag from collapsing too tightly around the product which could cause it to be damaged or bruised. Gas flushed vacuum bags are similar to the baloon salad bags seen at the grocery store.


Vacuum Packing Fruit:

The same principle applies when vacuum packing fruit. It may be a good idea to freeze the fresh fruit prior to vacuum packing so to maintain the fruit’s shape, or apply the Gas Flush option, especially when packaging softer fruit.

Vacuum packing fruit is the best option when infusing flavors into fruit and pouching.


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