Sous Vide - Cooking Under Vacuum


Sous vide, French for “under vacuum,” is a method of cooking food which has been vacuum packaged in individual airtight vacuum bags and placed in a water bath, or bain marie. It is crucial when cooking sous vide to maintain an exact and stable temperature in the water bath using a Thermal Immersion Circulator. Using the proper equiment will give the chef confidence in the quality of food to be served and the level of dependability required to run an efficient kitchen.

The sous vide method is most commonly used in hotels, high-end restaurants and by caterers, but it is becoming popular with supermarkets and home cooks, too.

This sophisticted, yet easy and convenient, cooking technique produces superior results in all corners of the kitchen, from meat to vegetables, to fruit and pastry.

"Sous vide cooking is the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades." affirms Three-Michlan Star Chef, Heston Blumenthal.


Benefits of sous vide cooking

There are many benefits from cooking under vacuum, sous vide:

    • A Very Forgiving Method of Cooking - While this is an easy form of cooking superior food it is very much dependent on the quality of equipment. It is essential to the technique that your vacuum packer creates the correct vacuum and a perfect seal on the vacuum bag; that the correct vacuum bag (standard vacuum bag or boil-in vacuum bag) is used to prepare a particular dish; and just as important as the vacuum packer and vacuum bags is the thermal immersion circulator, which heats and circulates the water in the water bath (bain marie). Maintaining the the correct temperature throughout the bath and for the required duration will greatly determine the end result of your efforts.
    • Exact and Precise Results Every Time - Thanks to the unsurpassed temperature control provided by's Thermal Immersion Circulators (Fusionchef by Julabo), which produce a temperature consistency of +/- 0.05 ºF (+/- 0.03 ºC) (Pearl models) or +/- 0.01 ºF (+/- 0.01 ºC) (Diamond models), every home cook or 3-Michlan Star chef will know with every pinch of salt they have in them, that their equipment will do exactly what they ask it to do - every time.
    • It's All About The Flavor - Conventional cooking methods cause product flavor to be lost in the pan, on the grill, or in the drip pan; sous vide cooking eliminates this issue. Every flavor the ingredients have to offer is vacuum packed air-tight and cooked in its own natural juices and essences. Because of this large enhancement of flavor the cook can typically use approximately 1/4 of the seasoning traditionally used with conventional cooking methods.

Sous Vide - Cooking Under VacuumSous Vide Fruit 

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