Vacuum Packing Fresh Meat and Poultry


Vacuum packing your raw meats can extend the shelf life of your products up to 2 – 3 times longer than conventional packaging options. By extracting oxygen from the vacuum bag and creating a perfect heat seal, your products will remain under vacuum and perfectly protected against freezer burn and certain bacteria as it slows down the breakdown of enzymes.

Vacuum packing red meats is especially useful as this form of packing will maintain the products' red color, freshness and taste.


For vacuum packing bone-in products, which will increase the risk of puncturing the vacuum bag, it is recommended to use the Soft-Air function, or the MAP / Gas Flush option. The Soft-Air function, available standard on the Boxer and Marlin series of units, brings the bag and product back to normal atmosphere in a gentler manner, which helps protect against puncturing the bag resulting in the loss of vacuum.

Vacuum packed cooked meats should be stored no longer than 10 days.

Meat coloration has a direct correlation to the rate of myoglobin oxygenation, which can be managed by vacuum packing.

There is no better way to preserve the quality of your meat products, and this is why this is the prefered packaging choice for fine butchers around the globe.


Red meat is the most common food product to be vacuum packed. Consumers require their meat products be of the highest quality and freshness, and vacuum packaging it fulfills this need. It is important to maintain the meat's color, taste and juiciness above all. Therefore, Henkelman has introduced a revolutionary function for packaging red meat, the Quick Stop H2O Sensor. This is a sensor which detects when the meat begins to "boil," or reach its saturation point. It senses when the bag has been vacuumed just enough to optimize the shelf-life while not allowing the product to be over vacuumed, which can cause the product to dry and lose it mouth-watering red color.

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