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When shopping for vacuum packaging equipment it is of great importance to consider the quality of the seal the vacuum pack machine produces. vacuum sealers ensure a perfect seal every time. offers various types of seals according to the specific application and requirement.


The following seal types are offered:

  • Double Seal: Two 3.5 mm. convex heating wires provide a clean and safe seal, and ensure air-tight packaging. This is the preferred seal type for sous vide cooking. Standard on all vacuum packer models.

     Double Seal - Standard on All Chamber Vacuum Sealers

  • Cut/Seal: One 3.5 mm. convex sealing wire seals bag and a 1.1 mm. round cutting wire removes the remaining portion of the bag. Must be specified when ordering—no additional charge.

     Cut/Seal - Seals The Vacuum Bag and Cuts Off the Excess Vacuum Bag

  • Single Wide Seal: Creates a single 8 mm. wide and flat seal. Must be specified when ordering—no additional charge.

     Single Wide Seal - Vacuum Bag is Sealed With a Single Wide Seal

  • 1-2 Cut/Seal: This is the same as the standard Cut/Seal option above, but with an independent time setting function for the sealing wire and cutting wire. Must be specified when ordering (additional costs apply)—Available on the Boxer and Marlin Series.

       1-2 Cut Seal - Seals The Vacuum Bag and Cuts Off the Excess Vacuum Bag

  • Bi-Active Seal: Upper and lower sealing bars with a 5 mm. flat sealing wire for thick plastic or aluminum bags. Only available on models: Boxer 42 XLBA, Toucan, Falcon
       Bi-Active Seal - Heat Seals The Vacuum Bag From Both Sides




The seal phase is the step which follows vacuum extraction and gas flushing, or Soft-Air function It consists of applying pressure to the vacuum bag between the silicon press bar and sealing bar. The seal bar consists of heating wires, which melt the plastic vacuum bag creating an air-tight seal. The wires and seal bar are covered with Teflon tape for easy cleaning.

By offering the various types of sealing options the following can be achieved:

    • Use of any type of vacuum bags  
    • Not limited to a particular material of thickness of vacuum bags
    • Complies with health and safety requirements for storage and transportation
    • Meets the desired presentation criteria


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