Vacuum Packing Electro Static Discharge (ESD) Sensitive Product offers an ESD unit (Boxer 42 XL ESD), which can be used in the semi-conductor and electronics industries.

To provide ESD (Electro Static Discharge) protection, this unit is manufactured with antistatic materials so that ESD sensitive components, assemblies and PCB’s may be vacuum packed in a static safe environment.’s Boxer 42 XL ESD unit offers protection against dust, damage, UV, radio frequency, moisture and humidity, and oxidation contamination when used with appropriate barrier bags.

In order to protect pressure-sensitive parts a gas mixture, such as N2, can be applied to the vacuum bag during the vacuum process, or using the Soft-Air function, which comes standard on this model. 


The following components of the Boxer 42 XL ESD guarantee ESD compliance:

    • Front panel holder RVS,
    • Lid                                                                 
    • Special antistatic Teflon tape,                                                  
    • Special protected seal cable                                                    
    • Special metal protection (used in total 2 meter) for protection of the silicone tubes
    • Metal hose pillars  (6 x 1/8” external ), 18 pieces (0262005)     
    • 1 x hose pillars M5 x 6mm
    • 6 pieces blind rivet nuts to fix the RVS panel holder (0065003)
    • 21 Hose clamps 12,3 (0269061)                                                       
    •  4 x ms T-piece (3 x 1/8” inwendig) (0260517) 
    •  4 x ms knee (2 x 1/8” internal)
    •  4 x ms double nipple 1/8” (0261110)   


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